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Lili Mirante born in Paris in 1966 in an environment where art always played a central role began sculpting in 1994. During her childhood, she draws and creates some papier mâché masks, then she meets artistic anatomy and trompel'oeil in different studios among wich the Beaux-Arts. Arab and spanish studies are not stranger to her artistic development. 

Her creations are the fruit of an immediate desire to seize a movement, to explore a feeling or a sensation. This envy will lead to a sensual and classical work which can grow into simplification of lines with geometrical tendencies, getting closer to cubism. At an other time, Lili Mirante needs challenges; she measures herself to the emptiness, drawing solid and full shapes in the earth which she opposed playfully to empty spaces.....The empty spaces are as eloquent as the full features. They propose a lecture which brings together reflexion and beauty. 

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