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'Fruit of the Franco-German reconciliation, conceived at the height of Flower Power during the summer of love 67, born just before the beautiful month of May 68, I am a child of peace, love and rock n roll...'

This is by no means a pessimistic end-of-the-world type vision. On the contrary, it is

the vision of a world that is quite idyllic, a new-found Garden of Eden, full of life,

colours, shapes and poetry, where the freedom and unpredictability of nature

has supplanted the hierarchy of angles and organized spaces.

The starting point is a city I photographed where one clearly recognizes an iconic

contemporary building that reflects man’s power over nature.

I then rework the image like I would a painting, digitally, I play with colour,

shadows, textures, focus, perspectives, I add trees, animals, plants, industrial

wrecks… I add all kinds of elements photographed during previous travels, that

come to feed the new world I explore.

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